Sunday, October 30, 2011

im still vegan and loving it

hello all. i've been neglecting my blog, and feel the need to explain myself a bit....

sometimes keeping up a blog feels a bit overwhelming. i'm definitely still vegan and still cooking lots of yummy food, but i don't necessarily feel like taking pictures and talking about it all the time.

i've noticed that my satisfaction in life has an adverse relationship with the amount of time i spend wasting online. i've officially quit facebook and my short lived relationship with twitter was definitely not satisfying in the least. i realized that i know how to eat super healthy, but haven't always made the best choices in terms of physical fitness, and thats what i've been trying to focus recently... you know, keeping active and trying to lose my chunk.

so i really do get a kick out of people reading about my food and i still love drooling at other people's pictures of food. but haven't felt motivated to share that part of my life recently...

im pretty sure when the winter hits and i can't do stuff outside, i'll come back to blogging and (hopefully) making readers drool over my food creations.



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