Sunday, March 20, 2011


Today was a nice relaxing sunday spent with my hubby and animals. For dinner, I decided to make fideo again. I made this only last week for the first time ever, and I think it's my new favorite food. I've had a bookmark on this recipe for six months, and only just got around to making this it. Super simple to make, and super delicious. I barely ever eat white pasta, but this recipe is so yummy its worth it. I think I'll try it with whole wheat angel hair, broken into little pieces. Also on tonight's dinner menu, a bbq bean loaf and some noochy snap peas.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

i made some cheez!

Last weekend, I decided to make some firm cheez, from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, I've seen other bloggers rave about the Colby Cheez, a firm cheez, good for crackers and grilled cheez sandwiches. I gathered all the necessary groceries for the recipe, the only weird one was agar powder. I've never used agar before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I followed the "Chedda" suggestion, at the bottom of the Colby recipe. The recipe was pretty simple to follow, and didn't take very long. I decided to throw some chopped walnuts in the bottom of the dish, to make the cheez look a bit fancier :) And, it sure looked fancy!

So I brought this cheez to a family party, and served it with some crackers. The flavor was really quite nice and cheezy. The flavor was perfect with crackers, my only complaint was the texture, it wasn't perfect to me, a bit... gelatinous... I'm not sure if this is because I boiled the agar for too long. The directions said cook until completely dissolved, I didn't really see a change in the mixture that would be undissolved/dissolved. Alot of the cheez got eaten (by a bunch of non-vegans for the record). I think I'll attempt another cheez with agar, and see if I like the texture any better.

With the leftover cheez, we decided to make some cheezy-broccoli rice. I made a sauce with some plain almond milk, a splash of bragg's, a squirt of mustard, a lil sriracha and the rest of the cheez, all shredded up. I let the mixture come to a bubble, the cheez melted in completely. Then we added in some chopped frozen broccoli, and leftover white rice from Chinese delivery. This mixture came out GREAT! We definitely preferred the cheez this way :) We served it with some hot sauce glazed tempeh courtesy of The Veganomicon, and some steamed cabbage.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"egg" salad sandwich

I wanted a hearty healthy lunch today, so I turned to a cookbook that I haven't used in a quite awhile. I got American Wholefoods Cuisine several years ago when I first started cooking for myself. I found a nice recipe for making an egg salad with tofu. Basically, I pressed the tofu, then cut it into lil cubes, then mixed with chopped celery, vegenaise, mustard, dried dill and curry powder. I seasoned it with a bit of salt and pepper. Great flavor and texture very similar to the egg salad my mom made me as a kid.

For my sandwich, I used Heidelberg multigrain bread, piled on shredded carrot, arugula, a roasted red pepper, the "egg" salad and some spicy mustard. Great lunch :)

We're still here!

So, I thought I'd take a minute to let everyone know that Vegan = Yummy by Peggy (and sometimes me!) is far from gone. Peggy and I just decided that we were spending too much time using Facebook and quit cold turkey (cold tofurky?). We will continue to provide delicious vegan recipes and images as often as possible, but solely on this here blog. Hope that's okay with y'all!


Now, what's for breakfast? :)