Monday, October 1, 2012

Vegan MoFo day 1

This time around, we'll have a special guest host: Chef Bab A. Ganoosh. He's been staying with us for a while and is really trying to make it into show biz. We figured it couldn't hurt. Now if only he'd start paying rent...

It's really not hard to eat vegan. Just some pitas, falafel in the cast iron for 15 minutes or so over low flame, with some tabbouli salad, awesome tahini sauce, and a sprinkle of hot sauce. Assemble. Enjoy. Bye!!!


  1. This was awesome. I love videos and am glad I clicked on the link to your blog. Baba Ganoush is deelicious.

    1. I'm super happy you enjoy our silliness :) Thanks for reading

  2. That was hilarious! I look forward to more videos!