Wednesday, April 4, 2012

just talking 'brout bread..

shorty is trying to sneak out the backdoor!

awww!! hi georgie-marfleberg
So... I'm feeling alive again, and focusing on being less stressed, and being happy. There are many things that make me happy and I live with these cute lil furry ones that make me SO happy.  I thought I'd share their adorable faces with you.. I have another kitty too, she was hiding behind a curtain, and utterly unphotogenic when I was in the mood to take pet-pictures.

I'm trying to post more.. and thought I'd share more recent food.. :)
serious salad and spicy peanut spirals
This here is a nutritious dinner with a salad made by me, and spicy peanuty spiral noodles made by the hubby. He used my standard peanut sauce recipe and combined that with some whole wheat rotini noodles.

I made little side salads with shredded cabbage, avocado, shredded carrot, cucumber slices, red pepper with homemade scallion balsamic-vinaigrette dressing.

I'm always happy with tasty peanut noodles, and felt full of goodness from all the raw veggies.
 The other day I made some tempeh cakes.. I was going for a "crab cake" type creation. They kind of fell apart while cooking, but tasted really good. Steamed, crumbled tempeh combined with red pepper, celery, scallions, breadcrumbs, vegenaise and Old Bay seasoning. Formed patties, then fried. Ugly, but yum.
tempeh crabby cakes (the only photogenic ones of the batch) and coleslaw

yum healthy bread! whole wheat-spelt

With all that yummy food in my life, the thing that made me the most excited was this loaf of Spelt-Whole Wheat bread. I found the recipe on one of those forums I posted the other day. The recipe called for oatmeal flakes, but I didn't have any... I did, however, have recently acquired Spelt flakes that I've been wanting to use, so I substituted those.  This bread took the same amount of work any other bread in the breadmachine takes... MINIMAL! but the outcome was really satisfying.

The bread is nutty tasting, soft in texture, super high in protein and fiber,  and still firm enough for slicing and sandwich making. This is definitely keeper of a recipe.

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