Saturday, August 14, 2010

corn on the cob, roasted fingerling potatoes and chicken-ish nuggets

This time of year is great for vegetables. People give me zucchini at work, my parents give me tons of tomatoes, neighbors give me cucumbers, its awesome! Every sunday, the hubby and I make a trip down the Greenmarket in downtown Schenectady, right now the market is bursting with delicious produce. Last weekend, we discovered a stand that sold these amazing fingerling potatoes, each bin was potatoes of a different color: pink, red, white, yellow, purple and purple speckly ones. We got some of each. For this dinner, I roasted the potatoes in the toaster oven. I really love my toaster oven this time of year, mine has a convection feature, so it cooks, roasts and toasts perfectly, and doesn't make the kitchen all hot. For the potatoes, I tossed them with a lil olive oil, salt and pepper. Roasted at 425 for around 30mins.. You can't really tell that they are all different colors in my pic. As they roasted, the intensity of the colors faded. Even though, we lost some of the color that made me buy them they sure were delicious! Creamy and almost sweet. The purple ones did stay bright purple on the inside. yum-my! I've learned that bright colored food are the healthiest. So I'm going to pretend these potatoes were super healthy too :)

The corn on the cob was also from the market, I simply boiled it on the stovetop. My dad always said to boil corn for 7 mins in salty water. So thats what I do :) I have to say my favorite cooking method for corn on the cob is the grill, but when the grills not on, boiling works fine. All the corn I've had this summer has been super yummy. Corn must like humid and hot NY summers.

We had chicken nuggets for dinner too. They were Gardein brand, they came with some hot sauce, as they were supposed to be "wings." We weren't really in a wing-mood, so we just pan-fried and tossed with fresh chopped parsley and some lemon juice. I have to say they were pretty yummy, chewy and chickeny without being too chickeny.

I'm not really the biggest fake-meat fan, it freaks me out a lil because its so damn processed. These nuggets were our second "Gardein" purchase. A couple months ago we bought the Tuscan chicken cutlets (from the refrigerated section of Hannaford).... those were super gross. These chicken wings came in the freezer case, I thought they had a way better texture than the refrigerated chicken. I probably won't be buying Gardein again anytime soon regardless..

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