Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recent Kitchen Adventures

This was our Valentine's Day Dinner. I made up some naan, I found this recipe online somewhere... Can't seem to find the link anymore though. Also made some curry with red lentils, chickpeas, spinach and coconut milk. We had some mango chutney in the fridge as a condiment. yum yum yum!

We had a pizza night w/ our friend Kaitlin :) We made two different pizzas. I found a great recipe online for whole-wheat pizza dough.
The only thing I did different from the recipe is using white whole wheat flour.

This first pizza has some leftover red sauce on first, the chopped artichoke hearts and red onion. We put lots of vegan cheese on top (Follow Your Hea
rt Mozzerella and Almond Mozzerella).

This one baked for 14 min @ 425

This pizza was Vegan Buffalo Chicken, I made a blue cheese dressing Kaitlin baked three vegan chicken patties (Health is Wealth brand), then chopped them up and tossed w/ Frank's Red Hot.

We spread the dressing all over the pizza (about half the amount of the recipe), then the spicy chicken pieces, added some red onion.

Lots of vegan cheese on top.

Baked 15-17 min @ 425 :)

This is today's breakfast :)

I put some salt, pepper and nutritional yeast in a bowl, then dredged slices of tofu in the mixture.

I fried up the tofu in a cast-iron skillet for a couple minutes on each side. I put some Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack cheese on top to melt. A little Frank's red hot on top, then served on a whole wheat English muffin :)

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