Wednesday, September 29, 2010

roasted golden beets and fingerling potatoes with spicy tempeh

Well.. I bought some golden beets at the Greenmarket last sunday. Years ago, I ate some dish made with golden beets when my brother was a student at the Culinary Institute of America. (I got to eat lots of yummy vegetarian food in their restaurants while he went to school there yum yum!) Now.. I've always loved beets, but damn golden beets are amazing!!

I have never spotted golden beets at the Greenmarket or at Hannaford before. So when I saw these beauties at the market, I had to grab them up! We also bought some amazing fingerling potatoes from an adorable little girl. Her family has a little stand, and they sell no-spray heirloom beans, potatoes, and garlic. We bought a bunch of varieties of cute lil potatoes, some red ones, some yellow ones, even some blue ones.

For dinner tonight, the hubby and I used some teamwork. He cut up the potatoes and the beets, and tossed them with some olive oil, salt, pepper, crushed fresh garlic, thyme and a lil Spike seasoning. We baked them for about an hour at 400. I added some red onion to the pan about half way through.

We also made some baked tempeh. We cut the block of tempeh up into triangles, steamed them for like 10 minutes. Then I coated them thoroughly with Frank's RedHot and a lil peanut oil. They needed to bake for about 2o minutes.

This dinner came out really yummy, and was totally satisfying. I love tempeh, it's so hearty. I like dinners when I have an excuse to use a steak knife (I could definitely have just cut the tempeh with the side of my fork, but I used a steak knife anyway!)

ps mustard and horseradish sauce added to the yum yum! WHAM-A-JAMA!

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