Thursday, July 22, 2010

groceries RANT

sometimes buying groceries is really fun, i get to buy components to dishes that i envision in my head. it's exciting to walk down the "international" aisle, and look at chutney and rice and coconut milk and curry paste... and come up with an idea for dinner. that type of grocery shopping is fun. sometimes i feel like a crazy outcast in hannaford. the types of food i buy are from a tiny percentage of the grocery store real estate. i've noticed that i only visit the produce, nature's place, international aisle (dried beans) and beer/bread section. there are aisles and aisles of processed junk. i just don't get why people buy that stuff. what is it about processed packaged peusdo food that has all of america so addicted. there are so many people that don't even drink plain ole' water anymore. everyone drinks soda after soda after sportsdrink after vitamin water after crystal light. JUST DRINK WATER! it's delicious, it's what your body is craving. people shouldn't be ingesting weird creepy chemicals all the time.

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