Friday, November 26, 2010

Vegan MOFO day 21- Product Review: Tofurky Pizza

So, yesterday was Thanksgiving, we saw lots of family and went out to eat for dinner. Dinner at the Desmond was quite nice, but we're mostly excited about tomorrow, our real feast with Thanksgiving-y food. I promise to take lots of pictures. We have lots of good friends coming to enjoy a yummy potluck meal, with promises of lots of yummy food.

Today was a super lazy day off, we enjoyed taking it easy, spending time with the puppy and preparing for tomorrow. We decided on a lazy kid dinner. I was super excited when I finally found Tofurky pizza at the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany last week. I've seen it advertised online and talked about in so many other blogs. Most of my meals are made from scratch, but it is so nice to have lazy food around.

I bought the cheese pizza, but felt the need to add a lil something on top. I'm a fiend for onions on pizza, so I heated up this pizza with lots of red onion all over the top. Me and the hubby devoured it. We both enjoy Daiya cheese and thought this pizza really hit the spot. My only complaint would be the thin-crust, I really love chewy pizza crust. Also, it wasn't super cheap... $8, and wasn't the biggest pizza. Box says it would feed 3, 2 of us finished it off easily. We'll definitely be buy it again, not for gourmet dinners, but as a great frozen vegan pizza.

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