Monday, November 8, 2010

Vegan MOFO day 8- vegan mac w/cauliflower

It's the first slushy snowy day we've had this year. The kinda of day that makes me crave comfort food. While I was at work today, I was thinking about what I wanted for dinner, I knew I wanted some of the cauliflower that we bought at the Greenmarket yesterday....but I wasn't sure what else. Then I realized that vegan mac and cheese sounded super yummy. When I got home from work, the hubby had cookbooks already opened up in the kitchen, one was open to cauliflower, and my cookbook was opened up to vegan mac!!! Talk about a mind-reader! We did a little dinner teamwork. We boiled the cauliflower and tossed them into my standard vegan mac recipe --> here. The hubby had a genius idea to top the casserole with some daiya cheese and breadcrumbs. Satisfying and cozy! Now... its cuddletime.


  1. Oh yum, I love topping Mac n Cheese with breadcrumbs to give it that extra crunch.

  2. Veggie lovin' loverNovember 09, 2010

    Holy cauliflower! Delicious!

  3. Gauri Radha गौरी राधाNovember 12, 2010

    That vegan macaroni and cheese looks delicious!!

  4. thanks! it is totally delicious :) if i may say so myself :)